Geotechnical Consulting

The geotechnical group provides consulting services for the construction, mining, energy and waste management industries, as well as government and regulatory agencies. Such work can take various forms to suit individual client requirements. There is particular capacity for technical review roles and providing expert witness services in legal matters.

The group offers specialist consulting services in a range of areas including:

  • Foundation design and construction
  • Geotechnical site evaluation and characterisation (including advanced soil laboratory testing, ground penetrating radar (GPR), DCP, and others)
  • Design, management and monitoring of landfill and solid waste systems
  • Bioreactor landfill design
  • Greenhouse emission from solid waste
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Geothermal energy
  • Land application of wastewater
  • Rock engineering
  • Mine rehabilitation
  • Educational services, in-house training and technical mentoring

Geotechnical Research Focus Areas

  • Geotechnical / Geoenvironmental engineering considerations in energy related issues, including shallow and deep geothermal systems
  • Fundamentals of porous media behaviour, including fluid, thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical couplings and geophysics
  • Landfill greenhouse emissions reduction and domestic waste and wastewater sustainable solutions
  • Tools and techniques for mine risks mitigation and mine operations

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