Professor Priyan Mendis

Research Interests

  • Fire behaviour of structures
  • High-strength concrete
  • Modelling and durability of Infrastructure, New Construction and Defence Materials, Sustainable Infrastructure (Tall Buildings, Bridges, Disaster Management)
  • Nanotechnology in Construction, Structural BioEngineering
  • Protective Technology of Structures (Blast effects)
  • Testing and Assessment of infrastructure (Non destructive testing)
  • Wind effects on Tall buildings

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Priyan Mendis is a Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering and the Leader of the Advanced Protective Technology of Engineering Structures Group. He was also the Convener of the ARC Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA) from 2004 -2011.
Prof Mendis obtained his  PhD from Monash University, Australia.

He is also the Director of the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing Research interests
- Protective technology of structures
-Smart Infrastructure, design, assessment and monitoring
-High-strength/High-performance concrete
- Seismic design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
- Design of tall buildings and bridges
- Disaster mitigation and management
- Sustainable infrastructure

He is also a member of several institutions including: Institution of Engineering, Concrete Institute of Australia and American Concrete Institute.

Recent Publications

  1. Kashani A, Ngo T, Mendis P, Black J, Hajimohammadi A. A sustainable application of recycled tyre crumbs as insulator in lightweight cellular concrete. Journal of Cleaner Production. Elsevier. 2017, Vol. 149.
  2. Hajimohammadi A, Ngo T, Mendis P, Kashani A, Van Deventer JSJ. Alkali activated slag foams: The effect of the alkali reaction on foam characteristics. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION. Elsevier. 2017, Vol. 147.
  3. Rupasinghe M, Mendis P, Ngo T, Sofi M. Compressive strength prediction of nano-silica incorporated cement systems based on a multiscale approach. MATERIALS & DESIGN. Elsevier. 2017, Vol. 115.
  4. Maizuar M, Zhang L, Miramini S, Mendis P, Thompson R. Detecting structural damage to bridge girders using radar interferometry and computational modelling. Structural Control and Health Monitoring. 2017.
  5. Almusallam T, Al-Salloum Y, Ngo T, Mendis P, Abbas H. Experimental investigation of progressive collapse potential of ordinary and special moment-resisting reinforced concrete frames. Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions. Springer. 2017, Vol. 50, Issue 2.
  6. Rupasinghe M, San Nicolas R, Mendis P, Sofi M, Ngo T. Investigation of strength and hydration characteristics in nano-silica incorporated cement paste. Cement and Concrete Composites. Pergamon. 2017, Vol. 80.
  7. Kafle B, Zhang L, Mendis P, Herath N, Maizuar M, Duffield C, Thompson RG. Monitoring the Dynamic Behavior of The Merlynston Creek Bridge Using Interferometric Radar Sensors and Finite Element Modeling. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS. Imperial College Press. 2017, Vol. 9, Issue 1.
  8. Wu D, Aye L, Ngo T, Mendis P. Optimisation and financial analysis of an organic Rankine cycle cooling system driven by facade integrated solar collectors. APPLIED ENERGY. Elsevier. 2017, Vol. 185.
  9. Hajimohammadi A, Ngo T, Mendis P, Sanjayan J. Regulating the chemical foaming reaction to control the porosity of geopolymer foams. Materials and Design. Elsevier. 2017, Vol. 120.
  10. Maranan GB, Manalo AC, Benmokrane B, Karunasena W, Mendis P. Shear Behavior of Geopolymer Concrete Beams Reinforced with Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars. ACI STRUCTURAL JOURNAL. American Concrete Institute. 2017, Vol. 114, Issue 2.
  11. Mohamad N, Inn GW, Abdullah R, Samad AAA, Mendis P, Sofi M. Structural performance of FCS wall subjected to axial load. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS. Elsevier BV. 2017, Vol. 134.
  12. Amirebrahimi S, Rajabifard A, Mendis P, Ngo T. A BIM-GIS integration method in support of the assessment and 3D visualisation of flood damage to a building. JOURNAL OF SPATIAL SCIENCE. Spatial Sciences Institute. 2016, Vol. 61, Issue 2.
  13. Rajabifard A, Mendis P, Ngo T. A framework for a microscale flood damage assessment and visualization for a building using BIM-GIS integration. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIGITAL EARTH. Taylor & Francis Ltd. 2016, Vol. 9, Issue 4.
  14. Herath N, Mendis P, Zhang L. A probabilistic study of ground motion simulation for Bangkok soil. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 2016.
  15. Hasanzadeh Nafari R, Ngo T, Mendis P. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Tree-Based Models for Multi-Variate Flood Damage Assessment in Australia. WATER. MDPI AG. 2016, Vol. 8, Issue 7.

Priyan Mendis

Level: 04 Room: 416
Engineering Block D, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 83447244
F: +61 3 83444616

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