Dr Avril Horne


Dr Avril Horne is a research fellow in the Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. Avril has experience across a range of water resource management challenges having spent time in consulting and government and academia. She works on a range of interdisciplinary projects related to water resource management. Avril was an assistant director at the ACCC advising on the water trade rules for the Murray Darling Basin Plan. She has been involved in a number of projects looking at water licencing and allocation systems. Avril has managed a number of large scale resource assessment projects, including the Australian National Inventory of Stressed Catchments. Avril returned to academia in 2014, and is currently managing a research project looking to provide tools to assist environmental water managers make decisions around how and when to release environmental flows. This project uses a stochastic optimization approach to understand the implications of climatic uncertainty on the 'ideal' environmental flow release. She is also the lead editor for the book "Water for the Environment" to be released in January 2017, bringing together the interdisciplinary and international knowledge around the complete process of environmental water management. Research interests - environmental water managementn and allocation - water resource management and policy - tradeoff decisisons in water resource management - water trade

Recent Publications

  1. Horne A, Szemis JM, Webb JA, Kaur S, Stewardson MJ, Bond N, Nathan R. Informing Environmental Water Management Decisions: Using Conditional Probability Networks to Address the Information Needs of Planning and Implementation Cycles.. Environ Manage. Springer Verlag. 2017.
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  6. Horne A, MacHado Costa A, Boland N, Kaur S, Szemis J, Stewardson M. Developing a seasonal environmental watering tool. 36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS). 2015.
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  15. Clifton C, Daamen C, Horne A, Sherwood J. Water, land use change and ‘new forests’: what are the challenges for south-western Victoria?. Australian Forestry. Institute of Foresters of Australia. 2006, Vol. 69, Issue 2.

Avril Horne

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T: +61 3 (03)83441585
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