In the Department of Infrastructure at University of Melbourne we focus on solving society’s big infrastructure problems.

By collaborating between the disciplines of Geomatics, Civil Engineering and Environmental Hydrology and Water Resouces, our approach to research is unique. Rather than work in silos, we leverage the strength of our disciplines and create synergies across projects.

With this integrated focus, we are a global leader in Infrastructure Engineering research and education.

Essential Research for Industry and Society

Our research programs are dedicated to solving the major challenges facing societies around the world in the environment, physical infrastructure and spatial information.

Over the years, we have established excellent links with industry and government. Our research projects focus on significant and topical subject matter, and regularly involve input from other disciplines.

Research Areas

Civil Engineering

This group works with industry and government agencies regularly to ensure buildings are sustainable, protected from blasts and that the safety of cities is not comprised, in the event of a disaster.

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Environmental Hydrology and Water Resouces

The Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources group focuses on: Catchment Systems; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; and Water Resource Management.

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Geomatics is about spatial information: its capture, management, analysis and provision.

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