Civil Engineering Group

About the Research Group

The Civil Engineering Group was established in 2009. Similar to the Department of Infrastructure, the group brings the theme of sustainability and safety to the forefront of every research project they take on.

The group focuses on five key areas of research:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Management
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Integrated transport.

Disaster Management is a good example of how these areas are linked. The group works with industry and government agencies regularly to ensure buildings are sustainable, protected from blasts and that the safety of cities is not comprised, in the event of a disaster.

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Current Projects

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Research Focus Areas

Structures and Infrastructure Protection

  • Develop modeling techniques for simulating extreme events to assist in emergency responses and to identify facilities that are at high risk,
  • Develop technologies for monitoring and retrofitting the existing built environment including heritage structures and ageing infrastructure,
  • Develop new guidelines in planning, design and construction for improving the protection of future buildings and infrastructure from extreme events, and
  • Develop effective logistic planning techniques to aid in the recovery process.


  • Geotechnical / Geoenvironmental engineering considerations in energy related issues, including shallow and deep geothermal systems
  • Fundamentals of porous media behaviour, including fluid, thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical couplings and geophysics
  • Landfill greenhouse emissions reduction and domestic waste and wastewater sustainable solutions
  • Tools and techniques for mine risks mitigation and mine operations

Research groups

Matthai’s team: Simulation-Guided Complex Systems Engineering


  • City Logistics
  • Modelling Freight Systems
  • e-Logistics
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Performance Based Standards
  • Container Management Systems


  • Project Initiation and Development
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Management and Remediation
  • Engineering Estimating and Cost Control Systems
  • Contractual Relations
  • Construction Technology

Energy Studies

  • Applied Solar Energy Engineering
  • Energy from Biomass and Wastes
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Management