Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

About the Group

Now, more than ever, advancing the understanding and management of our water resources is critically important. Away from the eastern seaboard, Australia has one of the driest climates in the world. This, together with the influence of climate change and population growth, means our water resources, catchments and rivers are under significant pressure.

The 2010 Excellent in Research for Australia (ERA) report showed that “well above world class” research in Environmental Engineering is being completed at the University of Melbourne. Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources will be maintained as the key strategic research direction of this group in the foreseeable future.

The group consists of five teaching and research staff who focus on biophysical catchment science and water resources management. It typically employs about 15 research-only staff and 30 PhD students and there is a strong team ethos with active mentoring of younger staff and leadership development of senior staff.

The group has strong international collaborative links with Europe, the USA and Asia and also strong national links to research institutions and industry through a portfolio of ARC linkage projects, CRC involvement and direct industry funding.

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Current Projects

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Research Focus Areas

The Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Groups has up to 20 funded research projects. Key project focus areas include:

Catchment Systems

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Water Resources Management