Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

Environmental Data Acquisition

The hydrology group has wide ranging experience in environmental data acquisition systems for advanced hydrological field studies. The group has a range of specialist facilities available for consulting activities including an all terrain vehicle with position fixing, a variety of hydrological instruments for spatial mapping and a drill rig. We can also offer data interpretation services to complement field measurement exercises.

Areas of monitoring expertise and facilities include:

  • spatial hydrological response including soil moisture with the "green machine"
  • micrometeorological instrumentation including eddy covariance
  • monitoring water in the soil and deeper unsaturated zone using a range of in-situ techniques and drilling
  • monitoring groundwater
  • water quality monitoring including automated sampling
  • instrumentation and measurement network design for advanced hydrological process studies
  • measurements for ground truthing satellite and airborne remote sensing

In situ tower instruments to measure surface water and carbon fluxes and optical/thermal reflectance. (Dookie farm site in Victoria, Australia)

Further Information

Assoc Prof Dongryeol Ryu

The Department of Infrastructure Engineering
University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia

T: +61 3 8344 7115
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