Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

Hydrologic Modelling

Modelling is a key tool in many areas of environmental analysis today. Research in our group aims to both further develop modelling approaches for a variety of purposes, particularly in the field of water and catchment management, and also uses modelling as a tool in addressing other research problems that we work on. The group has a wide range of modelling expertise.

Most of our modelling is undertaken in the follow areas:

  • water quantity and quality modelling of surface and groundwater systems
  • water resouce systems modelling
  • hydraulic and ecohydrological modelling
  • statistical and stochastic modelling
  • remote sensing retrieval algorithms and
  • model-data assimilation.

A significant aspect of our modelling work involves integration of models across the water domain.

Simulated annual load of Total Phosphorus for the Corner Inlet catchments

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