Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

Environmental Remote Sensing

The group has a strong capability to monitor a wide range of environmental variables using airborne and satellite remote sensing instruments. Some of the key target variables include soil moisture and temperature, vegetation water content and canopy density, evapotranspiration, soil salinity, and water quality variables.

Our airborne Polarimetric L-band Multi-beam Radiometer (PLMR), Polarimetric L-band Imaging Scatterometer (PLIS), multi-spectral sensors, thermal infrared radiometers, full waveform imaging lidar and hyper-spectral scanner can produce high-resolution maps the environment.

The remotely sensed variables have great potential to be applied for natural resources management, hydrologic modelling, and environmental monitoring.

Groundwater discharge areas mapped by the airborne Polarimetric L-Band Multibeam Radiometer in Nilpinna, South Australia

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