Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

Hydrology and Water Quality

The behaviour of catchments is key to understanding water and constituent yields from landscapes and processes influencing the distribution of water and solutes in the landscape. The group has a strong tradition of furthering the understanding of catchment processes and their variation in space and time and across scales.

We are particularly interested in understanding:

  • water movement pathways in lanscapes ranging from sub-humid to arid
  • how climate, soil properties and other catchment characteristics influence pathways and runoff mechanisms
  • linkages between hydrologic pathways and the movement of salt, nutrients, and other constituents in the landscape.

A research catchment in action!

The group has used a range of hydrologic measurement techniques including:

  • hydrometeorological monitoring
  • spatial mapping of soil moisture
  • hydrochemical and isotope tracing techniques in field investigations.

These are coupled with catchment modelling to further understand processes and generalise the research.

Further Information

Professor Andrew Western

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